RainAlarm for iOS

Rain Alarm for iOS is the easiest and fastest way to know whether rain or snow is on the way. It has been developed to provide a fast, reliable and lightweight application.


This free version offers basic functionality. Rain proximity is checked within a radius of 35 Km around your location every 30 minutes.

Rain Alarm Extended

This paid version offers a full featured, ad free App.

Rain Alarm XL (iPad)

In addition to the features of RainAlarm Extended, this version makes use of the enhanced display of the iPad to present the radar images in more detail.

Rain Alarm (Browser)

A fully featured version of RainAlarm accessible from your desktop browser. Brought to you by Michael Diener Software.

Rain Alarm (Android)

RainAlarm has also a great Android version. Check it out! Brought to you by Michael Diener Software.